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New Dashboard

02 июня 2010 06:45 | Добавлено в Новые Возможности | 20 Комментарии
new dashboard

One of the top reasons why our customers choose Repository Hosting is that we allow them to have as many projects and users in their account as they'd like, at no additional charge. We just don't believe in charging extra based on artificial metrics such as the number of projects. As a result, 1/6 of our customers have 10 or more projects in their account, and some have more than 50. However, until today, managing large numbers of projects and users could get a bit cumbersome.

Today we have rolled out a brand new version of the account dashboard, an updated permissions interface, and various enhancements throughout our service. The purpose of these changes is to make managing large numbers of projects and users easy and efficient. We have streamlined many of the commonly performed actions and added additional data to the dashboard. The biggest change is the ability to group projects into categories and users into groups. You can then set permissions on a category and they will be inherited by all the projects within that category. The same thing is true for groups and users.

Changes and Features

  • The list of projects or users may be instantly filtered by typing into the filter box.
  • Projects and users are now created right from the Dashboard. The "Create and Add Another" button may be used to quickly create multiple users.
  • Additional information, such as repository type, disk usage, and last commit date is listed under each project in order to better identify and compare them.
  • Projects and users are now visually grouped.
  • Projects may now be archived. Archived projects will still take up space, but they will become inaccessible and not be listed on the dashboard.
  • Similarly, users may be disabled, in which case they cannot log in.
  • Projects may now be forked. This creates a new project that has a copy of the original repository.
  • Similarly, projects may now be copied, which makes a complete copy of the repository, shared drive, Trac data, settings, and permissions. This is useful when using one project as a template for new projects.

  • The permission page has been moved to a tab on the Project Settings page.
  • Permissions may now be set from the project, category, user, or group settings pages.
  • Trac permissions, such as WIKI_READ, that have been assigned to users are now listed on the permissions page.

  • The width of the pages has been increased to match the Trac layout.
  • Trac may be completely turned off for a project.
  • Incoming email can now be managed from the Project Settings page, instead of the Account Settings page.

Check out the new changes and let us know what you think. Now go create some more projects!


02 июня 2010 07:11
Looks promising, unfortunately I get javascript errors in the page (calls to undefined functions) and two images return 403 errors :/
02 июня 2010 07:24
@Claude, it appears we were having intermittent trouble with our asset server, which led to the errors you were seeing. This has now been fixed, so please try again.
02 июня 2010 07:49
Hi Matt,
thanks for this great update. It solves the issue of having to redefine the permissions every time a new project is created, which was a bit cumbersome. We will test it and let you know.
One thing that immediately caught my eye is that on my Firefox (3.6) there are several glitches in displaying. Mostly overlapping stuff on the dashboard. E.g. when clicking on “Create Category” it overlaps into the Uesers area on the right side. Or the names of the groups are scrambled on the right side. Seems like you used some other browser for testing. Would be cool if Firefox was full ysupported.
Thanks and keep up the great work
02 июня 2010 07:58
Small Bug: when a new group is created it doesnt show up in the drop down list of the users details to immediately assign that newly created group to a user. Only after going to a different page and coming back to the dashboard this seems to work.
02 июня 2010 09:11
Ok, the issue with the display glitches went away after updating the “Branding” in the account settings. Thats a workaround.

The omission of newly created groups disappears after a page reload, but still is a minor bug.
02 июня 2010 10:43
Very Nice. Thanks for the update!
02 июня 2010 16:41
Nice to see the service gets better constantly!
03 июня 2010 07:41
Great job! You are my favorite web based company!
Milan Petrovic
03 июня 2010 12:14
Great changes. Here are some more suggestions:

1. Collapsible Projects Categories and User Groups: remember what category is open.
2. Setting TRAC permissions for whole user group and projects it has been assigned to.
3. Upload Backups to FTP.
4. Backup all projects (for weekly or monthly backup) in a single archive.

04 июня 2010 03:11
@Martin, we do test with Firefox 3.6 (along with IE, Safari, Chrome, and Opera), and haven’t seen the problems you mentioned. However, when we first deployed the new dashboard, we had some problems with our asset server, which could have resulted in some incorrect styles. Could you try again, and let us know if you experience any further trouble?

Thank you for bringing our attention to the fact that groups and categories didn’t immediately show up in the dropdowns. We have now fixed this issue.

Thanks for the feedback!
04 июня 2010 03:38
@Milan, thanks for the suggestions. We will keep them in mind as we add additional features. Being able to set Trac permissions for users and groups right from the Settings pages could be very handy.
Marcos Sader
04 июня 2010 17:30
Great news!
An M
04 июня 2010 23:07
i think the update is excellent ! keep it up !
Cuong Le
05 июня 2010 06:32
Awesome ! look elegant
05 июня 2010 09:20
logged in to find this today, great stuff! keep up the good work guys.
Jean-Philippe Doyle
06 июня 2010 16:12

I think there is a little bit too much spacing on the dashboard, the page is getting long with like 20 projects, I would like it more compact, more like a table with columns for space usage and etc.

Keep it up! I wish a lot of success, it really deserve it!
Michael Gunderson
07 июня 2010 11:54
I love the new changes; the only thing I’ve noticed is that the size and last commits never change for any of my projects. All last commits say “no commits”, and size says “367.4KB”.
10 июня 2010 03:04
@Michael, there was indeed a bug that affected a few accounts and caused the last commit time and repository size to be incorrect. We have now tracked it down and fixed it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
10 июня 2010 09:02
This is a really nice addition as I am one of those people that has lots of small repositories.

Another feature I’d like to see is some kind of ticket summary for all projects, even if it just says the number of open tickets under the project name alongside the size, last commit, etc.

I also wouldn’t mind some kind of global backup option, basically the same as it currently is but account wide rather than project specific.
Michael Gunderson
11 июня 2010 10:51
@Matt@RH - You guys rock, thank you for the awesome service!
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