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Repository Hosting: Unlimited Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Trac Projects

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Browse your Code Online
Track your Bugs, Features, and Tasks
Manage your Projects and Users
Agile Workflows with the Agilo Plugin
Full Control of Who can do What
Manage your Projects and Users
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It's your Choice
No restrictions. Create as many Subversion, Git, and Mercurial repositories as you want, and connect via SSH or HTTPS. We currently host:
  • Subversion 1.13.0: http(s):// or svn+ssh://
  • Git 2.15.4: http(s)://, git://, or ssh://
  • Mercurial 2.7.2: http(s):// or ssh://
Browse your Code
You can view your source code online in Trac or via GitWeb or HgWeb. Browse your files, view the revision history, see diffs, and download snapshots.


The industry standard software project management tool. Plan your development, track your bugs, collaborate with your team, and communicate with your clients. Here are some of the features Trac provides:
  • Tickets
  • Milestones
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Discussion Forums
  • Agilo: enables agile workflows with tools such as sprints and burndown charts
  • Time tracking with reports
  • File attachments on your wiki pages and tickets
  • Plus more: Timeline, roadmap, source code browser, and powerful search
We support a number of Trac plugins (see the full list) that let you:
  • Add custom fields to your tickets
  • Customize your ticket workflow
  • Import tickets from Excel or CSV files
  • Modify large numbers of tickets at once
  • Tag your pages, tickets, blogs, and forums
  • Provide a downloads page for your releases
  • Use a spam blocker if you allow tickets to be created by the public
  • Use a Wysiwyg editor for easier ticket and wiki page editing

Your Data

Shared Drive
Each project comes with a shared drive that can be accessed via WebDAV. Use this to store files that you don't want versioned, such as large binaries, documents, and build outputs.
We believe strongly that you should have full control over your own data. That's why we make it as easy to migrate away from Repository Hosting as it is to migrate to us. You can easily upload your existing repository dump files or Trac project files and have them imported into your project. You can just as easily export all your data by requesting downloadable backups of each of your projects on demand.

Account Dashboard

Organize your Projects and Users
Quickly create as many projects and users as you'd like, at no extra charge. See them all on one page, with information about each one easily accessible. Projects may be organized into Categories, and Users into Groups, to facilitate easier management. Old projects may be archived to keep things uncluttered.
Comprehensive Permission Management
You have full control over who can do what. Give read or write access to your repositories and shared drives. Assign Account Administrator and Project Administrator roles. Assign permissions to Groups and Categories. Specify fine-grained Trac permissions.
Host Open Source Projects
Allow the general public to view your repository, add new tickets, or see your wiki. By default all projects are private.
Forking and Copying
Fork your repositories to enable more powerful workflows. You may also copy complete projects, which allows you to maintain a set of template projects for easy project setup.

Project Features

Flexible Notifications
  • Integration with Twitter, Campfire, Basecamp, and
  • Email notifications for commits, tickets, wiki pages, blog posts, and backups
  • Custom notifications sent to any URL
Create Tickets via Email
Set up as many email boxes as you want, such as Emails send to these email addresses will create tickets in Trac with the assigned attributes.
Powerful Commit Messages
Update and close tickets directly from your commit messages.
Use your own Domain Name
Use a custom domain for your account, or separate domains for each of your projects.
Custom Branding
Use your own logo and adjust the color scheme. Custom brand your entire account, or each project separately.
Free Backups
Generate downloadable backups of your projects on demand, or automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Backups can also be automatically sent to an Amazon S3 account.

Peace of Mind

Reliability and Performance
Our servers are hosted on Amazon EC2 and we use a number of Amazon's Web Services to make sure we deliver the highest performance and best reliability to our customers. This allows us to simplify our deployment and scale quickly.
We take the security of our customers data seriously. Every account has SSL enabled everywhere by default. Additionally, we provide SSH access to all repositories.
Responsive Support
We provide answers to support requests that are friendly and actually helpful. Our replies to email support requests are generally within 12 hours, including weekends. Our user interface has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, with plenty of inline help. We also have an extensive support page.
Internationally Friendly
We offer our services in English, Simplified Chinese, and Russian, with more languages coming. There are also a number of localization options. Note that for now, however, all support requests must be made in English. In addition, the Trac interface is currently available in 33 languages.