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Repository Hosting: Unlimited Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Trac Projects

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No Nonsense Trac, Git, SVN, and Hg Hosting

Unlimited Repositories

Unlimited Trac Projects

Unlimited Users

Custom Domains

Agile Workflows

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WebDAV Shared Drives

Scheduled Backups

2GB Storage

$1/GB Additional Storage

SVN Repositories
Git Repositories
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WebDAV Shares
Bandwidth Transfer
Additional Storage
Free Trial
30 Days
Domain Masking
Private Projects
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Agile Workflows
Time Tracking
One Plan, One Price
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The right repository system for every project

Every project and team is different. Repository Hosting lets you choose the repository system that is right for your project.

Subversion Hosting: the industry standard successor to CVS, Subversion is the perfect system for small teams looking to get up and running quickly.

Git Hosting: the distributed version control system that is taking the development world by storm, Git has a slightly higher learning curve than others but is extremely powerful.

Mercurial Hosting: Mercurial is a distributed version control system that efficiently handles projects of any size.


Trac: industry standard project management

There is a lot of debate in our industry as to the best tool to manage software projects. We decided it was time to stop debating and start coding.

Trac, the industry standard software project management tool, has a long track record of being the central hub for a huge number of prestigious projects. Trac is a very intuitive and effective project management tool. And because of its popularity, it has literally hundreds of compatible tools and plugins to choose from.

Agilo: Adds Agile software development workflows to Trac. It provides you with all the necessary tools for Agile programming, including defining teams, creating requirements, user stories, tasks, and bugs, a product backlog, sprint backlog, and burndown chart.

Timing and Estimation: Allows you to track both the estimated and actual time worked on a ticket and includes a number of time reports that readily summarize the work done by your team.


Support from people who understand

With over 25 years in the software industry, we understand what it means to run software projects. Our support staff is always available to answer your questions.

We have gone to great lengths to make Repository Hosting as reliable and scalable as possible. Repository Hosting is hosted at the Amazon EC2 datacenters. Our infrastructure has been designed from the ground up to be highly redundant, reliable and to grow with you and your team.


Why is One Plan and One Price important?

We are just like you — software developers looking for a reliable, cost-effective service to manage our software projects. Unfortunately, the industry born to help us has lost its way. Take a look:

  • Codesion: $6.99 gets you 2 users and projects.
  • $6.50 gets you 1 repository, no Trac and 1GB of storage.
  • Hosted Projects: $7.00 buys you only 100MB of storage.

At Repository Hosting, we make hosted project management simple again. There is only One Plan and One Price. $6.00 per month buys you unlimited repositories, users and Trac instances — AND 2GB of storage.

Our approach is transparent, exceedingly economical, and it is free for 30 days so give us a try.

Need Support?

Please email our support team at:

If you would like to report a bug or request a feature, we want to hear that too. Please let us know!