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Automated Backups to Amazon S3

06 Mar 2009 01:37 | Posted in New Features

It never ceases to amaze us how some of our competitors like to keep customer data out of the hands of the rightful owner: the customer! Many of our competitors actually charge you (or at minimum make it very difficult) to download project backups or dump file of your repositories. We find this inexcusable.

At Repository Hosting, we treat customers like we want to be treated. Thus, your data belongs to you, the customer, who should never feel locked in to Repository Hosting as its provider. To that end, we have some important new features to share with you.

Automated Backups

It is now possible to schedule automated backups for any of your projects on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Whenever a backup is created, project administrators will immediately receive a notification and the backup can easily be downloaded from the web interface. You can, of course, still generate a backup manually at any time.

Amazon S3 Integration

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Now, here comes the cool part. You can also provide Repository Hosting with the credentials for an Amazon Web Services account and we will automatically upload all project backups directly to an S3 bucket of your choosing. This guarantees that your data is always under your control when you need it, not when it is convenient for your hosting provider to surrender it.

That's right. Automated backups, including Amazon S3 integration, are now available to all Repository Hosting accounts. We are committed to bringing you these and more top shelf features. Remember, at Repository Hosting there is only One Plan, One Price. Enjoy!


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