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Performance Improvements

08 May 2010 21:00 | Posted in General

We hope you have seen some improvements in the performance of Repository Hosting recently. Over the last couple of weeks we've made a number of upgrades and optimizations that should improve your experience with our services. One of the changes we made was moving to more powerful servers. As you know, we use Amazon's excellent EC2 service, and we just upgraded our servers from "c1.medium" 32-bit instances to "m1.large" 64-bit instances. This gives us significantly more memory, which had been a bottleneck earlier. Additionally, we have identified a number of slow actions in our code and rewritten them, giving a noticeable performance boost to the dashboard page, especially for accounts with many projects.

We are currently finishing up a number of new features and UI improvements that will be released soon. These new features are aimed at providing more efficient ways to manage large numbers of projects and users, and generally improving the user experience. They include a completely revamped dashboard. Expect to see the release of these new features within the month.


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