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备份文件被压缩成一个.tar.gz文件。在其内部,目录/trac包含一个"trac-admin hotcopy"的结果。目录/webdav包含共享包含驱动器上所有文件的拷贝。最后,还有您的Git、Mercurial或Subversion存储库的转储文件,分别用"git fast-export --all"、"hg bundle -a"或"svnadmin dump"命令创建。


# git repository
git init
cat | gzip -d | git fast-import
git reset --hard

# mercurial repository
hg init
hg unbundle hg.bundle
hg update

# subversion repository
svnadmin create repo
svnadmin load repo/ < subversion.dump	

Note for projects that are greater than 5GB:

Dumps of large repositories can take a very long time for us to generate. As a result, we bundle the repositories of these large projects in their original binary form, rather than as a dump file. Dump files are portable, but the binary version must be used with specific platforms and client versions.

We have created a simple method for you to extract a portable dump file from the binary version, using Docker. The backup will contain a Dockerfile, with instructions of how to use it as comments at the top of the file.

Of course, if you have any questions about how to do this, please contact us at