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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving errors when I try to connect to my repository via SSH?

There are two common situations where you may have trouble connecting to your repository via SSH. First, there is a brief delay between creating a new project or updating permissions and being able to access the repository via SSH. This delay is generally less than one minute, but in rare instances it may take a little longer. If you try again after a few minutes you may be able to connect.

A second reason you may be unable to connect is if you are using the same SSH key in another Repository Hosting account. We do not support this scenario, and you will need to generate a different key for each account. Please see the FAQ entry on managing multiple keypairs for more information.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us at for more information. Please let us know the exact error message you are receiving, along with the outputs of the following two commands, which will allow us to debug the problem:

ssh-add -l
ssh -vvv [vcs]@[subdomain]

Replace [vcs] with the repository type you are connecting to (svn, git, or hg) and replace [subdomain] with your account subdomain. For example:

ssh -vvv