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Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have for managing email notifications?

Types of Notifications

Each user in an account may specify the email notifications they receive. Email notifications are provided for:

  • Repository Commits: Every time a commit is made to the project's repository. The notification will contain a summary of what changed.
  • Ticket Changes: Every time a ticket is created or modified. The notification includes a summary of what changed.
  • Wiki Changes: Every time a wiki page is created or changed.
  • Backup Completions: Every time an automated backup has been completed. You may then choose to download the backup.
  • Invoices: For account administrators, a copy of the monthly invoice is sent each time the account is billed.

Ticket Notifications

You may choose which tickets you would like to receive notifications for. The options are:

  • All: All tickets regardless of your involvement with the ticket.
  • My Components: Tickets whose component you are an owner of.
  • Owned By Me: Tickets that you own.
  • Reported By Me: Tickets that you are the reporter of.
  • Updated By Me: Tickets you change.
  • Watch This

    You may also specify specific wiki pages and tickets that you would like to receive notifications for, regardless of your notification settings. To do this, simply click the "Watch This" link in the top-right corner of the screen when you are viewing a ticket or wiki page. To stop watching an item, simply click the "Unwatch This" link.