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To what extent can I customize my users' permissions?

Repository Hosting gives you a significant amount of control over user permissions. You may add many users to your account, and place them into groups. You may also create many projects and place them into categories. Permissions can then be set on users and projects, and even on groups and categories. For example, you can set a permission that says "Give all users in the Software Engineers group read and write permission to the repositories of all projects in the Consulting Work category."

You may specify None, Read, or Write access to repositories and shared drives. You may then specify fine-grained Trac permissions from Trac itself (e.g. WIKI_VIEW, TICKET_CREATE, TRAC_ADMIN). Additionally, you may make someone an Account Administrator, which gives them full control over all aspects of the account, such as billing and the ability to create users and groups. You can also make someone a Project Administrator for a specific project. This would give them full access to the project, including the ability to modify project settings.

You may also give certain permissions to the general public. This is handy if you have an open-source project or want anonymous users to be able to create tickets. From the Project Settings page you can give Read access to the repository for anonymous users. From Trac, you may specify permissions that should be given to anonymous users by setting the permissions on a user named "anonymous".