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Support for Additional Languages in Trac

2013年10月02日 07:00 | 发表于 一般, 新功能

New Languages

We have customers from all over the world, and we are always looking at ways to make our service more international. To help work towards that goal, we have just enabled support for an additional 27 languages in Trac, including everything from Brazilian Portuguese and Hebrew, to Japanese and Swedish. See this page for a full list of the languages; we have enabled support for all languages with at least 75% of their translations finished. We want to thank the Trac community for providing these valuable translations.

Note that although these languages have been enabled in Trac, the rest of our interface, such as the Account Dashboard and support pages, are still only available in our three fully-supported languages: English, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. To update your language settings, simply go to the "Languages and Dates" tab on the Account Settings or My Profile pages.


We have also recently upgraded our repository systems to the latest versions, to keep pace with their rapid development. Subversion has been upgraded to 1.8.3, Git to 1.8.4, and Mercurial to 2.7.

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently, as we have been focusing our efforts on infrastructure improvements and other internal projects. However, we have a number of new features planned, so stay tuned.