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Repository Hosting Reforms Git, Subversion Hosting Industry

27 Jan 2009 22:28 | Posted in General | 1 Comments

We should have written this blog entry three years ago -- in fact, we should have started Repository Hosting three years ago.

We know this because during the last three years, we have tried or used practically every Trac, Git, and Subversion hosting service out there. And to be honest, until six months ago, all we had to show for our effort was frustration. We decided to find out why were so frustrated and discovered three distinct answers.

First, so many of the Git and Subversion hosting services are just not reliable. We have tolerated too much downtime for too long. The bottom line is that companies in this industry have tried to cut costs by adopting approaches to infrastructure that are simply not reliable.

Secondly, our industry seems to be full of people who write a small amount of glue code around a handful of open source utilities and charge $25/month for it. We simply do not believe that the value added by these companies can possibly justify these kinds of prices.

Thirdly, and probably the most frustrating thing of all, too many companies obscure their real prices behind complex plans and feature matrices. They charge people like us more money when we have three programmers instead of two, or fifteen projects instead of ten, or want to do something simple like download a backup.

It has to stop -- and we are just the team to stop it.

Repository Hosting confronts each of these issues head on...

  1. Reliability: We have leveraged our extensive knowledge of Amazon EC2 to create a reliable, scalable and cost-effective hosting platform at Amazon.
  2. Integration: We have chosen to integrate well-established, open source, standards-compliant products in a way that is truly seamless.
  3. Pricing Transparency: Finally, we are introducing transparent pricing to the Git and Subversion hosting industry. One Plan, One Price: $6/month (plus $1 for every gigabyte of storage above 2GB). Every feature, every security consideration, every positive support experience is yours.

Are you a solo freelancer with a few active projects over the past year? One Plan, One Price means $6/month. Are you a small web design firm with 15 people and hundreds of projects for which you are responsible? One Plan, One Price means $6/month.

We like to think of ourselves as your own personal team of renegades, bucking mediocrity to bring you the absolute best software project management hosting. Take advantage of our 30 day free trial and you too will wish we had launched Repository Hosting three years ago.

Yours Truly,

The Renegades
of Repository Hosting


Jean-Guillaume Isabelle
13 Feb 2009 19:44
Pretty interesting blog post.
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