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Shared Project Drives via WebDAV

05 May 2009 21:03 | Posted in New Features | 5 Comments
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Repositories, like Subversion and Git, are perfect for source code. But let's face it, every project has certain files which just don't feel like they belong in the source code repository. Who wants Word and Excel documents littering the source repository? Maybe you generate a lot of PSD's that you just don't want versioned because of the sheer space they would consume over time. We have an answer.

Today we are launching support for Shared Drives mounted via WebDAV. These drives share the same disk quota as the rest of your account, but files stored on them are not versioned. Additionally, these shared project drives can be easily mounted as a disk from any major operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and files can be directly manipulated. This is especially helpful for project stakeholders who may find version control clients too complicated to use.

Every Repository Hosting project now already supports Shared Drives. Simply reference the "Access URLs" from your Account Dashboard for more information on how to grant privileges and start using them.


Veikko Mäkinen
11 May 2009 08:16
Good features just keep coming and coming! Now all you need to add is custom domains ( :)
12 May 2009 02:26

this can be achieved through a CNAME record on your company DNS, no?
12 May 2009 08:29
Alex, this is true if you simply wanted the domain to redirect. However, for more seamless integration, Repository Hosting would have to know about the domain so that your users could use it for everything (webdav, svn, git, and trac).

As you mentioned, new features just keep coming. I suspect that you will be pleased with some of the changes that we have coming in the next few weeks.
12 May 2009 10:41
I keep getting impressed with your service, keep up the good work!
Veikko Mäkinen
13 May 2009 04:31
@Alex & @Wade

Yup, I can of course already redirect from my custom domain but what I really wanted is what Wade already said - make Repository Hosting know my CNAME and use it transparently. Some services (e.g. works this way.

Keep up the good work!
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