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Time Tracking and More

31 Dec 2009 07:00 | Posted in New Features, Plugins

Time is money. But how much money? To answer that question, you have to be able to track your work time, and we decided to add some plugins to help you do just that. The popular Timing and Estimation plugin allows you to track both the estimated and actual time worked on a ticket, and it includes a number of time reports that readily summarize the work done by your team. It even has a nice feature that lets you "clock in" when you start working on a ticket.

We have also added three more plugins based on your feedback. The Custom Roadmap plugin allows you to divide up the roadmap progress bars into additional categories. The Wiki Backlinks macro lets you add a list of backlinks to a wiki page. Finally, the Wysiwyg plugin provides a wysiwyg editor as an option when editing wiki pages. These plugins are all available from the Plugins tab on the Project Settings page.

Have a happy New Year from the Repository Hosting Team. We look forward to continue serving you in 2010!


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