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HTML Email Notifications

02 Sep 2010 08:00 | Posted in New Features
new dashboard

One feature request we have often heard from our customers is to deliver the notification emails in HTML. The reason for this is that many email readers, such as Gmail, use dynamic-width fonts for displaying text emails, and this makes the default ticket notifications from Trac hard to read. Well, we have not only added HTML emails, but we have also revamped our entire notification system.

Each user now has full control over their notification settings from the My Profile page. From there, they can specify separate notification settings for each project they belong to. The following notification types are offered:

  • Repository Commits: Every time a commit is made to the project's repository.
  • Ticket Changes: Every time a ticket is created or modified.
  • Wiki Changes: Every time a wiki page is created or changed.
  • Backup Completions: Every time an automated backup has been completed. You may then choose to download the backup.
  • Invoices: For account administrators, a copy of the monthly invoice is sent each time the account is billed.


You may specify which tickets you would like to receive notifications for:

  • All: All tickets regardless of your involvement with the ticket.
  • My Components: Tickets whose component you are an owner of.
  • Owned By Me: Tickets that you own.
  • Reported By Me: Tickets that you are the reporter of.
  • Updated By Me: Tickets you change.
new dashboard

Watch This

You may also specify specific wiki pages and tickets that you would like to receive notifications for, regardless of your notification settings. To do this, simply click the "Watch This" link in the top-right corner of the screen when you are viewing a ticket or wiki page. To stop watching an item, simply click the "Unwatch This" link.

By default, all notification emails have now been switched to use HTML by default. However, if you would like to return to plain text emails, you may choose to on your My Profile page. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and of course we always welcome your feedback on how to make our services even better.


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