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Recently Added Features and Trac 0.12 this Weekend

12 Jan 2011 01:00 | Posted in New Features, Upgrades

I know the blog has been a little quiet lately, so I wanted to update you with what we've been doing here at Repository Hosting. Over the last few months we have added a number of new features to our services, and we are planning a major upgrade for this weekend.

Automated Trac Imports

You can now easily import existing Trac Projects into Repository Hosting. Simply go to the Project Settings page, select the General tab, and next to the Trac field you will see a link to import a Trac project. Upload your project, and it will be imported within minutes.

Trac Permissions

trac permissions

We have added the ability to set Trac permissions directly from the Project Settings page on the Permissions tab. This allows you to set all your permissions from one location, instead of having to login to Trac to set Trac-specific permissions. Simply click the + button on the right to add a new permission, or hover over an existing permission and click the X to remove it.


We have enabled support for reStructuredText in Trac. This is an alternative markup format that is commonly used for Python documentation.

Upgrades are Coming

This Saturday, Jan 15 from 3am-4am EST, we are planning to upgrade a number of our hosted services. The following is a list of the upgrades. Note that Subversion has already been upgraded to the latest version, 1.6.15.

  • Git →
  • Mercurial 1.5.1 → 1.7.3
  • Trac 0.11.6 → 0.12.1
  • Agilo Plugin → 0.9.2
  • Downloads Plugin 0.2 → 0.3
  • Timing and Estimation Plugin 0.9.2b → 1.0.7b
  • Worklog Plugin 0.1 → 0.2
  • Wysiwyg Plugin 0.2 →

Trac 0.12

The big upgrade, of course, is to Trac 0.12. The new release includes improved user interfaces for editing wiki pages and tickets, including automatic previews, along with many other small changes. There are two big features of Trac 0.12 you won't see right away, though: translation into other languages and multiple repositories per project. Don't worry, if you are looking forward to those features they are coming soon. We just need to integrate those features with our other services so that the user experience is seamless.

A Happy New Year from all of us at Repository Hosting!


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