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More Plugins, including a Workflow Editor

03 Apr 2011 20:00 | Posted in New Features, Plugins

This week we are adding support for a second batch of plugins, including the oft-requested Workflow Editor. We expect these plugins will increase the productivity of many of our customers. Be on the lookout for our third round of plugins, coming next week.

Workflow Editor

This plugin adds a Workflow tab to the Admin section of Trac which allows you to modify ticket workflows. It lets you change the default list of statuses (new, assigned, accepted, reopened, and closed) to allow a ticket to be in other states. It also lets you define new actions that can move the ticket from one status to another. For example, if you wanted to add a step to your workflow where the QA department gets a chance to test a resolved ticket before it is closed, you could add a new status called "testing" and change the "resolve" action to move the ticket to this status. Then you would create two new actions, "pass" and "fail", which would move the ticket from the "testing" status to the "closed" or "reopened" status, respectively.

Ticket Importer

If you've ever needed to import tickets from a source other than Trac, this plugin can save you a lot of time and effort. Simply upload an Excel or CSV file with one ticket per row, and this plugin will import them for you. You can even update existing tickets this way, by downloading your current tickets in CSV format, making the necessary changes, and then importing the file.

Markdown Support

If you're coming to Trac from a system that used Markdown for its formatting syntax, this plugin may come in handy. It allows you to enter Markdown-formatted text in wiki pages. You could use this if you're more comfortable using Markdown syntax, or if you need to import some pages that are formatted with Markdown.


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