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Faster Performance with Subversion 1.7

20 Nov 2011 23:00 | Posted in General, Upgrades

We are excited to announce that we have now fully upgraded our servers to Subversion 1.7.1, Git, and Mercurial 2.0. The latest versions contain new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. See the above links for a full list of what is new.

Subversion 1.7

The upgrade to Subversion 1.7 is particularly interesting. This new version should allow significantly faster access over HTTP(S) due to the addition of what they call HTTPv2. To take advantage of the performance boost, you will need to upgrade your Subversion client to version 1.7 as well, and we recommend that all of our customers do this.

Upgrading your client will also upgrade your checked-out repositories to use the new WC-NG metadata management system. The biggest change here is that you will no longer have .svn directories strewn throughout your project. Now, all repository information will be stored in a single .svn directory at the root of your repository.

Also, Subversion 1.7 comes with a new svnrdump tool that allows you to download a dump of your repository directly from the command-line. You will no longer need to download a backup of your project in order to export your repository as a dump file. You can use this new feature as follows:

svnrdump dump > proj.dump

There are many other changes in the latest version, such as patch support, better merge tracking, and improvements to the serf library. Check out the release notes for the full list.


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